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The Second Home To Your Pet

Why don’t we take the same care of our new born pets at home when they grow up?

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    There can be days when we are busy, not at home, or we forget as to when is the next Vet appointment or Vaccination for the pet.

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    There can be days when we are going out of station for a period of time and there is no one to take care of our pet.

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    There can be days when our pet is not well, is suffering and needs immediate Vet attention.

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    There can be days when our pet is not following proper hygiene, is not bathed.

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    And there can be multiple possibilities of the same which can in-turn effect the health of the pet who we treat as a part of our family.

To maintain an ecological balance in this world, the ration of human beings to animals needs to improve.
We are here to make Post Pet Adoption Process (PPAP) for you as convenient as possible so that you don’t have to think twice before doing something for your pet.

Let Us Help You

If they could talk to us, it could have been a different world altogether. We are here with the help that they need, even though they can’t let us know that they do.

Lets Get Started

We are here to solve majority of the problems faced post adopting a pet.

We have partnered with Well Experienced,Vet’s with years of practice who will help you to get over this gap. .

Without thinking twice, A pet needs to be regular with Vaccinations and Deworming,

You don’t have to remember the date anymore or carry a medical diary for the record.

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