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For Pet Parents

Find answers to most frequently asked questions from pet parents.

What should I do in an emergency?

Our veterinarians on Elzo are skilled in identifying emergencies and will guide you to visit a nearby clinic or, if all are closed, a local emergency room.

If your pet shows symptoms like unresponsiveness, seizures, collapse, unstoppable bleeding, pale gums, severe pain, bloated abdomen, inability to urinate, or shallow or rapid breathing, we recommend immediately contacting your nearest veterinary hospital.

Elzo Mobile App for Pet Parents

Providing 24/7, anywhere care for your pet has never been easier. Packed with features, the Elzo app enables smooth connection with veterinarians for your pet's needs.

Convenience - Schedule an appointment anytime, anywhere. Whether you're traveling, in the park, or at home, Elzo is always there for you!

User-Friendly - Available for both iOS and Android users, it takes less than five clicks to schedule an appointment.

Quality Video & Audio - Leverage the power of your mobile cameras and microphones for a superior consultation experience with Elzo veterinarians

Wide Range of Issues Addressed - Our licensed veterinarians can assist with numerous issues through telemedicine including dietary needs, fleas, ticks, worms, changes in stool, scratching, limping, and more!

Prescriptions - Where applicable, Elzo veterinarians can prescribe medication for your pet during your appointment, shipping it directly to your doorstep within a few business days!

Follow-ups Simplified - Schedule your follow-up appointment with the same Elzo veterinarian to ensure your pet's health and happiness.

Download the Elzo App for an optimal experience! It's now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How does Elzo work?

For a seamless experience, download the Elzo mobile app from the Apple or Google Play stores. If you don't have a mobile device, you can access the complete Elzo experience via your browser.

You can choose the veterinary professional you prefer, search by location, availability, species treated, and more. Connect with your veterinary professional through a video call and receive high-quality virtual veterinary care. After your appointment, you'll have peace of mind knowing you've provided the best care for your pet. You will receive your appointment medical record and prescription (where permitted) upon completion.

Why should I use Elzo?

Elzo offers accessible, quality pet healthcare from licensed veterinary professionals, no matter the time or place, all from the comfort of your home. You just need an internet connection.

Elzo helps address common pet owner concerns like understanding when a vet visit is needed, managing situations when the local vet is unavailable, during weekends/holidays, while traveling, or when you're unable to visit the clinic during regular hours. It's also a boon if you live in a remote area with limited access to a vet.

Why should I schedule regular check-ups for my pet?

Routine check-ups greatly contribute to your pet's overall health. Our top three reasons for regular appointments include:

Preventative care: Pets age differently, and with regular check-ups, our vets ensure your pet receives optimal preventative care.

Communication: Our pets can't articulate their feelings. Our vets are trained to decipher their language.

Proactivity: Proactive, preventative health care extends pets' lives, and our vets are the best resource for information and guidance.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to remotely connecting healthcare providers with patients for clinical services through video-conferencing, phone, and text or chat.

Do I have to inform my regular vet about my online appointments?

The choice is entirely yours! As we further develop our platform capabilities, we plan to include features that send appointment details to your regular clinic and add information from virtual appointments to your pet's medical history.

Our team is ready to assist with transferring any medical records from your Elzo appointments to your regular clinic. You also have the option to download your pet's medical records directly from your account.

Do I need to download any software or other programs to use Elzo?

iOS and Android Application (Phone, Tablet) Elzo has a dedicated client-friendly mobile application, available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Grab the app now!

Web Application (Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Tablet) If you are unable to use a mobile device, all you need is a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to access Elzo's services.

Is there a sign-up fee for Pet Parents?

Signing up for an Elzo account is absolutely free! You are only charged when you book an appointment.

How am I paired with a veterinarian?

Elzo's intuitive search takes into account your pet's species and breed, your primary concerns, and your location to suggest veterinarians who are best equipped to assist you. You can also apply further filters in an advanced search by date and time, areas of interest, and languages spoken. Once your search has been refined, you can browse through the veterinarians' profiles and choose the one that fits best!

Are veterinary professionals licensed?

Yes, every veterinarian and veterinary technician on Elzo is required to hold a valid license to practice in their jurisdiction. We verify this license during the onboarding process.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you cancel your appointment less than 30 minutes before your consultation starts, you may not be eligible for a complete refund.

However, If you cancel your appointment more than 30 minutes before your consultation starts, you are eligible for a complete refund.

The refund would take 7-10 business days to be processed.

For Veterinarians

Find answers to most frequently asked questions from our Veterinary partners.

Will I be an employee or an individual contractor?

Elzo serves as a platform enabling interactions between veterinary experts and pet owners. You, as a user of this platform, are neither an employee nor an independent contractor of Elzo. You're viewed as a customer of Elzo.

Elzo's Standards for Virtual Pet Consultations

At Elzo, we strive to provide a reliable digital environment for pet care professionals to thrive, while ensuring an outstanding experience for pet owners. This guide aims to help you understand and deliver the expected service standards as outlined by Elzo.

Confirming your consultation: When a consultation is booked, it's essential for you to confirm promptly. This not only secures the consultation for your client but also indicates your commitment to us. By confirming, everyone involved can be confident about the scheduled appointment.

Pro Tip: You can modify your minimum booking notice in the calendar settings. If you're unable to check for new bookings frequently, consider extending your notice time from 30 minutes to an hour.

Ensuring Privacy: Professionalism is paramount for Elzo's practitioners. When conducting a consultation, find a quiet and private location to show the client your undivided attention. Avoid engaging in other tasks or calls during the consultation, and make sure your conversations can't be overheard. Use headphones, our virtual backgrounds and noise cancelation features to ensure a professional and private setting.

Preparing for the consultation: Based on the lead time provided for a consultation, prepare as thoroughly as you can. If you need the pet owner to provide additional information or share certain files/photos, get in touch with our Customer Experience team. Give them the consultation time and Reference ID, and they will facilitate the process.

Optimizing Consultation Duration: Timeliness and reliability are key to offering an excellent experience and earning clients' trust. Please be punctual for all consultations. If you're running late, inform our support team immediately.

If a consultation needs to be followed by an in-person visit, still provide a complete virtual service. Collect the pet's history, guide the owner on the next steps, and educate them about their pet's care.

Creating the right ambiance: Good lighting significantly enhances the video experience. Choose a location with sufficient natural or artificial light to ensure clear visibility.

Presenting a professional and personal image: Clients are more likely to book a consultation when they can associate your name with a face. So, use a high-quality headshot for your profile and maintain the same professional appearance during your calls.

Checking your device: Ensure your device, along with the required software and hardware, is working perfectly before the consultation. Check your audio and video settings, and ensure your device's battery is fully charged.

Completing the medical record: Upon completing the consultation, you must fill in the consultation record within 24 hours. This includes any notes, medical records, scripts (if any), and follow-up booking requests (if needed). Please be aware that delayed record completion may result in pausing of your Elzo account and non-payment.

Handling client no-shows/technical issues & insufficient consultations: In case a client doesn't show up, get in touch with our Customer Experience team within the first 5 minutes. Please remain on the call for at least 15 minutes. If technical issues arise, contact our team immediately and stay on the call for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Please note that Elzo reserves the right to withhold payment if the consultation is deemed inadequate or unsatisfactory.

We appreciate your contribution to making Elzo a high-quality, professional platform. Your dedication is what drives our community. Thank you for all your efforts.

What are Elzo's charges?

Elzo retains a 25% commission (inclusive of taxes) from each completed consultation. This covers the expenses associated with maintaining the technological infrastructure, offering customer & technical support, carrying out marketing activities to attract consultations, and much more.

Does working for Elzo while employed at a small animal private hospital create a conflict of interest?

Absolutely not, in fact, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you, as a vet or a vet technician, establish strong online connections with local pet owners in need of a physical clinic, they're likely to choose the one you're affiliated with!

Are there any restrictions on prescriptions I can write?

While prescription regulations vary by state and province, Elzo does not allow the prescribing of narcotic drugs (controlled substances), regardless of whether the veterinarian is licensed to do so.

How will I receive my payment?

The payments for our veterinary professionals are processed through Elzo Payments. You can expect to receive your payment within 15-20 business days following each completed consultation. The payout methods might vary based on your geographical location but generally include bank transfer.

How does working with Elzo benefit me as a veterinary professional?

Elzo is a software platform that equips you, an active veterinary professional, with the tools to operate your own virtual clinic. Elzo helps address several industry issues by:

Offering greater flexibility and enabling work from home/remote opportunities

Boosting the reach and availability of pet care/animal welfare services

Helping you stay in tune with industry trends

Promoting mental well-being and aiding in the reduction of burnout and compassion fatigue.