Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

General Information

Welcome to Elzo! Elzo is an online platform that allows licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians (“Vets”) to provide virtual veterinary care and prescriptions to owners (“Clients”) of pets, service animals (referred to as “Pets”).

Our Offered Services

The Site functions as an online conduit facilitating vets to render online veterinary services to clients for their Pets. Subject to legal compliance and their professional judgment, Vets can prescribe suitable medications catering to a Pet's health requirements.

The array of services offered by Elzo does not incorporate the delivery of veterinary services, digital veterinary care, pharmacy services, or any other professional services by Elzo. Instead, Elzo serves as a technology facilitator, delivering content and enabling access to external providers who may offer Access to process.binding('http_parser') is deprecated. (Use `node --trace-deprecation ...` to show where the warning was created) digital veterinary care, pharmacy services, and other professional services.

The Vets accessible via the Site are not Elzo's employees or representatives and have not been vetted by Elzo. Elzo does not supervise the care dispensed to Pets or Clients by Vets. Every Vet is an autonomous licensed professional solely accountable for any digital veterinary care or other services provided to Pets and Clients, and is also solely responsible for obtaining Client’s informed consent, when necessary, for any veterinary treatment for Pets.

Elzo does not form part of any agreement or transaction amongst the Site's users, even if the Site facilitates appointment booking, payment processing, or provides other tools enabling users to interact and enter into agreements or transactions with one another. Therefore, any element of an actual or potential transaction between a Vet and a Client, including the quality, safety, legality of the digital veterinary care or other services advertised, the veracity or precision of the advertisements (including the content or any reviews), the capability of Vets to offer digital veterinary care services, prescribe medications or the ability of Clients to engage for such services, rests solely with each user.

You recognize and agree that you may be necessitated to enter into one or more independent agreements, waivers, or terms and conditions before availing virtual veterinary care, pharmaceutical and other services. Users commit to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to their use of the Site, their use of any tool, service, or product featured on the Site, and any transaction they conduct on or in relation to the Site. Vets further agree to adhere to all laws, rules, ordinances, regulations or other requirements relating to digital veterinary care and the conduct of their veterinary practice, including any obligations related to data and privacy, or licensing, as applicable. Please be advised that, even though we aren't a party to any transaction and assume no liability for legal or regulatory compliance pertaining to veterinary services listed on the Site, there might be circumstances where we are legally compelled (as determined solely by us) to share information regarding a Vet's listing in order to fulfill requests from governmental bodies for investigations, litigation, or administrative proceedings. In such cases, we reserve the right to comply with such obligations at our discretion.

The Site might provide access to generic veterinary information; however, the content should not be deemed as veterinary telehealth advice or a substitute for professional veterinary counsel, diagnosis, or treatment. Clients must always consult a licensed vet or other regulated veterinary professional for diagnosis and treatment, including advice on suitable drugs or treatment for your Pet. Never neglect, avoid, or delay obtaining veterinary advice due to something you have read on the Site. No information on the Site implies or assures that any particular drug or treatment is safe, appropriate, or effective for your Pet. If you know or suspect your Pet has a medical issue or condition, please immediately contact a licensed veterinarian using the Services or other means.

While we do take some steps with the objective to help users avoid potential fraudulent or illegal activities that we become aware of, we assume no responsibility or obligation to undertake such measures or actions. Whenever we issue warnings or messages to users about any such activity, we do not assure that these messages are accurate or that these messages will reach all necessary users promptly or at all, or that these messages or measures will prevent any harm or have any impact.

Account & Identity Verification

For utilization of certain Site features or Services, it is necessary to create an account (“Account”). During registration, you'll select a user ID and password. It is mandatory to provide accurate, complete information and maintain up-to-date Account details by promptly communicating any changes to us, as detailed under the “Contact Us” heading. All personal information linked to your Account or your usage of the Services is gathered, used, and disclosed following our Privacy Policy.

The right to access and use the Site is exclusive to you and cannot be transferred by you to any other individual or entity. You bear complete responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID and password and for all activities occurring under your Account. You're not allowed to use another user's Account without their permission. In case of any unauthorized use of your user ID or password or any other security breach, you agree to notify Elzo immediately, and select a new user ID and password if you suspect your Account has been compromised. Additionally, if we suspect unauthorized access to your Account, you agree to promptly change your user ID and password and take any other related actions we may reasonably request.

Elzo holds no liability for any loss or damage resulting from your non-compliance with the above requirements. Each user acknowledges and agrees that: (a) neither Elzo nor any Elzo member (as defined later in the section titled “Limitation of Liability”) will be liable for any unauthorized transaction made using your user ID or password; and (b) unauthorized use of your user ID and password could cause you to incur liability to both Elzo and other users.

Confirming user identities on the Internet is challenging, and we can't assume any responsibility for verifying each user’s claimed identity. We advise you to communicate directly with a user via the tools provided on the Site, but even this doesn't guarantee the identity of the person you're communicating with. We further encourage you to take other reasonable steps to confirm the other person’s identity.

Registration as a user of the Services isn't guaranteed. We reserve the right to deny you access to the Services, or any part thereof, to maintain or restore security or performance to the Services. This also applies if we reasonably believe you've breached these Terms or your Account is being used by an unauthorized person. Users are allowed to maintain only one account per individual. We reserve the right to suspend any account for investigation regarding compliance with these Terms and to terminate any account found in breach of these Terms.

Additionally, without notifying you, we may suspend or cancel a Vet’s listing on the Service or Client account at any time if we suspect, at our sole discretion, that an Account is being used unauthorizedly or fraudulently. If we request a user for proof of identification and it isn't provided within the allotted time, we reserve the right to cancel any transaction associated with that user at our sole discretion.

Intellectual Property

The Site, encompassing without limitation, all software, algorithms, protocols, and interfaces associated with it, as well as all intellectual property tied to the Services (including but not limited to copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, industrial designs) are either owned or licensed by Elzo. No provision in these Terms grants you any ownership interest in any part of the Services or any intellectual property rights related to the Services.

"Elzo," "Elzo App","Elzo Pet Care", "Elzo PetCare," "http://www.Elzo.in," are trademarks of Elzo. The names and logos of other companies' services displayed on the Site are trademarks of their respective owners. Nothing in these Terms grants you any kind of interest in these marks. Our trademarks and trade dress may not be utilized in any manner or for any purpose without our explicit written consent.

We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and Elzo does not permit, condone, or tolerate the posting of any content on the Site that infringes upon any individual's intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright. Where suitable, Elzo will terminate the Account of a user who repeatedly infringes upon copyrights. If you become aware of or suspect any copyright infringement on this Site, we urge you to notify us immediately as outlined under the "Contact Us" heading.

Limited License to Use the Services

Assuming that you abide by all of these Terms applicable to you, Elzo provides you with a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable at will license to use the Services. Elzo reserves the right to terminate this license at our sole discretion, at any time for any or no reason. Any unauthorized use of the Services will be considered a violation of these Terms and may also infringe applicable laws. Elzo reserves all rights in respect of such violations, including our right to pursue any available legal or equitable remedies or resources and seek reimbursement from you for the expenses incurred in doing so.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

The Services should only be used as permitted by the features of the Site and these Terms. A crucial requirement for your use of the Services is your agreement not to use them, either wholly or partially, for any purpose that violates any applicable federal, state/provincial/territorial, local or international law, or any regulations with the force of law. You're also prohibited from engaging in any unauthorized activities.

1. Any commercial usage of the Site or its content, aside from Vets who are in good standing, is not allowed.

2. It's forbidden to copy, reproduce, upload, post, display, republish, distribute or transmit any part of the Site's content in any form.

3.You're not allowed to reproduce any part of the Site on your website, app, or other platform, using any device, including but not limited to, using a frame or border environment around the Site, or any other framing technique to enclose any part or aspect of the Site, or mirror or replicate any part of the Site without our explicit written consent.

4. Deep-linking to any part of the Site is not permitted without our explicit written consent.

5. You're not allowed to modify, translate into any language or computer language, or create derivative works from any content or any part of the Site.

6. Damaging, disabling, impairing, overburdening, or otherwise impairing the Site, Elzo's servers or networks is not allowed.

7. It's forbidden to interfere with or disrupt networks or servers connected to the Site or violate the regulations, policies, or procedures of such networks.

8. Interference with another party’s use of the Services is not permitted.

9. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Services, through hacking, password mining, or any other means are prohibited.

10. Accessing or altering data, including personal information of other users, when you're not authorized to do so is not allowed.

11. Using data collected from the Services to contact individuals, companies, or other entities, including without limitation for any direct marketing activity, is not allowed.

12. Modifying, moving, adding to, deleting, or otherwise tampering with the information from the Services is not allowed.

13. Making the functionality of the Site available to multiple users through any means is prohibited.

14. Using any robot, spider, crawler, scraper, script, browser extension, offline reader, or other automated interface not authorized by us to access the Site, scrape content, extract data, or otherwise interfere with or modify the rendering of Site pages or functionality is not allowed.

15. Decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling, or unlawfully using or reproducing any of the software, copyrighted or trademarked material, trade secrets, or other proprietary information from the Services is not permitted.

16. Abusing, harassing, or threatening Vets, another user of Site, or any of our employees, authorized representatives, customer service personnel, chat board moderators, or any other person is not allowed.

Restrictions on Communication and Usage of Other Users' Information

We promote open communication between users but strictly prohibit the use of these options for sending spam, booking offers outside the Site, threats, profanity, or hate speech.

You may not be allowed to exchange personal contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact details, as well as web addresses or links within the Site’s messaging systems.

Be aware that Elzo may monitor messages sent through the Site and between users for signs of fraud, abuse, spam, and any other violations of our policies.

Responsibility for Veterinary Listings, Reviews and Other User-Contributed Content; Participation in Interactive Forums

We do not have an obligation to pre-approve content posted on the Site by Vets, Clients or other users, including but not limited to, veterinary listings, reviews, engagement in an interactive community, chat feature, forum or blog (collectively referred to as "Interactive Forum"), or any other content provided by a user to the Site ("user-contributed content"). This also encompasses information that a user or anyone else provides to a third-party website or mobile application that is then provided to our Site via a tool we offer, or any other exchange of user-contributed content that we authorize. We are not liable for any user-contributed content.

We maintain the right, solely at our discretion, to decline the posting on the Site of, or to remove from the Site, any user-contributed content that does not meet the content requirements stated in the listing setup, incorporated herein by reference, any other guidelines posted on the Site, or if it violates these Terms in any way. If we are notified by a user or a third party that any part of these Terms or other requirements governing the posting of such content have apparently been breached with regard to such content, we may also remove the user-contributed content, solely at our discretion. Furthermore, we hold the right, though not the obligation, to make non-substantive edits to a Vet's content or user-contributed content to comply with formatting or information requirements or to assist users in creating or improving listings (like translation services), based on the information we possess about the listed veterinary practice. Users are still responsible for reviewing their user-contributed content to ensure it is accurate and not misleading.

User-contributed content should at least (as determined by us at our discretion):

1. Be directly related to the Site, business service, product or forum where the content is submitted.

2. Not infringe on anyone’s rights, such as copyright, publicity, and privacy rights, break the law, or otherwise be inappropriate.

3. Not contain another's personal information that can be used to identify or contact any person.

4. Not include unsolicited promotional content, advertising, political campaigns, contests, raffles, or solicitations.

5. Not be obscene, abusive, discriminatory, or illegal.

6. Not be false or misleading.

Vets are solely accountable for all veterinary listings on the Site, and we explicitly disclaim any liability arising from alleged inaccuracies in the listings, reviews, or any alleged breaches of contract on a user's part. Vets are responsible for keeping their listing updated on the Site, including all representations about their practice and services they offer, their office location(s), and prices for their services and products. We do not assert that any listing content, reviews, or pricing information published on the Site is accurate or current.

From time to time, we might create new descriptions or modify the location or geographic descriptions we use to identify listings and search results. As a result, we may alter the location or geographic description associated with any listing at any time without prior notice. Nonetheless, we do not have the responsibility to verify the content of a listing or the accuracy of its location. Vets are responsible for ensuring the correctness of location, geographic descriptions, and other content related to their listing and agree to promptly correct (or contact us to correct) any inaccuracies. Clients are responsible for verifying the accuracy of such content and descriptions.

All other user-contributed content is the sole responsibility of the user who contributed such content, whether such user contributed the content directly or through a third-party website. We specifically disclaim all liability for user-contributed content. The user represents and warrants that the user owns or otherwise controls and has all necessary legal rights to the user’s submission and the name or other identifier used in connection with such submission including, but not limited to, all the rights necessary to provide, post, upload, input or submit the user-contributed content. We reserve the right to request a proof of ownership or permission, and to refuse to post user-contributed content without such proof or if such proof is, in our sole discretion, insufficient.

By submitting or authorizing user-contributed content, you grant to us and our affiliates a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive, royalty-free and fully paid-up license to use, copy, license, sublicense (through multiple tiers), adapt, distribute, display, publicly perform, reproduce, transmit, modify, edit and otherwise exploit the copy, the photographs and the likenesses (if any) of any of your user-contributed content, in connection with our business or the business of our affiliates. Notwithstanding the foregoing, following the termination or expiration of a listing, we will not continue to display the user-contributed content that was displayed in such listing.

You further grant us and our affiliates the ability to register copyright in and protect the user-contributed content, including the images, copy, and content available via any Vet’s listing, from the unauthorized use of the user-contributed content by unaffiliated third parties who may, from time to time, attempt to pirate such information via electronic or other means. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to file suit to seek injunctive relief to protect such material on behalf of and in your name. You further agree to appear and assist us—at our expense and control—with protecting such copyrighted material from unauthorized redistribution.

You agree that we may sublicense all the rights granted to us under these Terms to one or more third parties we may contract with to display all or part of the Vet’s listing or otherwise provide promotional or other services related to our business. In the event that you retain any rights of attribution, integrity or any other moral rights in any user-contributed content, you hereby waive your right to assert these or to require that any personal information be used in connection with the user-contributed content or any derivative works thereof and affirm that you have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion or exploitation of the user-contributed content by us or our affiliates.

Limitation of Liability

You accept and agree that Elzo, our affiliates, and each of our directors, officers, employees, advisors, agents, representatives, sponsors, licensors, successors, and assigns (together referred to as the "Elzo") will not be held accountable in any way, whether under contract, tort (including negligence), extra-contractual or any other legal theory, and whether or not the potential for such damages or losses has been communicated to us, for any matter related to or arising from your usage of, or inability to use, the Site or our Services. Your sole right, recourse or remedy in case of any issues or dissatisfaction with the Site or Services is to immediately stop using our Site and Services.

Without restricting the breadth of the above, under no circumstances will the Elzo be liable to you for:

1. any indirect, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages; or

2. any loss of income, business, actual or projected profits, opportunity, goodwill or reputation (whether direct or indirect);

3. any injury or death of any Pet or person;

4. any delay or failure in the performance of the Services resulting from causes beyond Elzo's reasonable control;

5. any loss, damage to or corruption of data (whether direct or indirect);

6. any claim, damage or loss (whether direct or indirect) arising from or relating to your use of, or inability to use, the Services; or

7. any claim, damage or loss (whether direct or indirect) arising from or relating to:

a. any virtual veterinary care, pharmaceutical services, and/or informational services provided by Vets and/or other authorized providers related to, in connection with or arising from your use of the Services;

b. any transaction or other relationship between you and any Vet and/or other authorized providers;

c. any product or service provided by a third party under their own terms of service;

d. any third-party technology

Indemnity & Release

To the maximum extent permissible by applicable law, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Elzo and any third-party provider of a service or tool offered on any Site (each a “Third Party Provider”) from any loss, liability, claim, action, demand, damage, or expense, including reasonable legal fees, that are alleged or resulting from (a) your utilization of the Site or Services, (b) your user-contributed content, or (c) your breach or violation of these Terms.

Especially, you agree to release and hold harmless the Elzo and the Third Party Providers for any injury, including but not limited to bodily harm or death, to you, your Pet or any third party that might result from your use of or reliance on the Site or Services or any virtual veterinary care services received via the Services.

We will promptly notify you of any such claim, lawsuit, or proceeding and we may, at our sole discretion, choose to assist you, at your expense, in defending any such claim, lawsuit, or proceeding. You shall not, under any circumstances, settle any matter without our written consent.

No Warranties & Disclaimers

Elzo does not make any guarantees about the Site or Services.

You understand and agree that you will not hold or attempt to hold Elzo or any Third Party Provider accountable for any user-contributed content, including any translations thereof, and you further acknowledge and agree that no member of the Elzo is involved in any transaction between users of the Site. Elzo does not have control over and does not provide any assurances about the safety of any transaction or the truthfulness or accuracy of any listing or other content provided on the Site, aside from any guarantees that might be offered on the Site.

The content on the Site may have typographical errors or other inaccuracies, and may not be complete or up-to-date. Elzo reserves the right to rectify any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and to update or change information at any time without giving prior notice to you. However, Elzo does not promise that any such inaccuracies, errors, or omissions will be rectified. Elzo reserves the right to refuse to provide Services based on incorrect or inaccurate information on the Site, including outdated information, or for any other legitimate reason.

Disputes; Arbitration

Elzo is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and will aim to resolve any issues or disputes that arise. You agree to provide us with an opportunity to resolve any disagreements or claims related to the Site, our Services, these Terms, any interactions with our customer service agents, any products or services provided, any claims made by us, or our Privacy Policy ("Claims") by reaching out to us as outlined below in the “Contact Us” section.

If a disagreement arises between users of the Site, or between users and any third parties, you understand and agree that Elzo is not obligated to intervene. However, if Elzo decides to get involved, our decision on the dispute will be final and binding.

To the maximum extent allowed by relevant law, all procedures to resolve Claims will be carried out individually and not as part of a class, consolidated, or representative action. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, any dispute, controversy, or Claims arising under or relating to these Terms and this agreement to arbitrate, including any questions about their existence, interpretation, enforcement, validity, applicability, breach, or termination, or the relationship established by these Terms, will be submitted to final and binding arbitration, without a right of appeal. The arbitration will be held in Ludhiana. The arbitration costs will be shared equally by the parties involved, and each party will bear its own costs related to preparing and presenting its case during the arbitration, subject to the arbitrator in the award allocating all or part of such costs to the prevailing party.

Non-Solicitation Policy & Feedback

When communicating with us or using our Site and Services, please note that we do not solicit any unsought proposals or materials for products or services, or even recommended enhancements to products or services (collectively referred to as "Unsolicited Ideas and Materials"). We reserve the right to use or replicate any portion of the Unsolicited Ideas and Materials you share with us, which could include any concepts, inventions, methodologies, or specialized knowledge revealed, for any intended use. Such uses could entail disclosure to third parties and/or the development, production, and/or promotion of goods or services.

We value your input about various aspects of our operations. If you'd like to share your feedback with us, kindly do so via the Contact Us link found in the footer of the Site. We ask that you provide specific feedback on our Site and Services. Please bear in mind that we are under no obligation to keep any feedback you provide confidential, and we retain the right to use or disclose such information in any way we see fit.

General Provisions

Notices: Any formal communications to Elzo regarding these Terms should be composed in written form and can be sent either by email or via an internationally recognized courier service to the "Contact Us" details provided below. When you register an account or get in touch with us, you're consenting to receive electronic messages about your account and your use of the Site. You affirm that such electronic correspondence will be legally recognized written communication, satisfying any legal notice requirements. Notices are considered delivered once they're received or 24 hours after an email is sent unless the email address is invalid.

Relationship: By accepting these Terms or using our Services, you confirm that it doesn't establish any agency, partnership, joint venture, employment, or franchise relationship.

Waiver: If you violate these Terms and we don't react immediately, it doesn't imply that we're relinquishing any rights we might have, including the right to take action in the future.

Severability: If any clause of the Terms is ruled illegal, void, or unenforceable for any reason, that clause will be considered severable from the Terms, and it will not influence the validity or enforceability of the remaining clauses.

Assignment: You are not allowed to transfer or assign these Terms or any rights, licenses, or privileges granted by these Terms. On the other hand, Elzo can transfer or assign them without any restrictions or providing notice to you.

Entire Agreement: These Terms, the Privacy Policy, and any other Terms and Conditions you agree to constitute the complete agreement between Elzo and you about the Services, superseding all previous agreements between you and Elzo.

Interpretation: These Terms are meant to benefit and bind the parties involved and their respective successors and permitted assignees. The division of these Terms into paragraphs or subsections and the inclusion of headers are only for reference and do not influence the construction or interpretation of these Terms.

Governing Law: The Site is managed from Elzo's offices in Ludhiana, Punjab. Unless the laws of your jurisdiction demand otherwise, these Terms will be governed and interpreted following the laws of Punjab. Disputes are to be submitted to a competent court in Ludhiana. If you access the Site outside Ludhiana, you are responsible for complying with local laws.

Extra terms for clients

In addition to being bound by the terms and conditions set forth above in Part A, Clients must also adhere to the following additional terms and conditions.

Client Consultation Fees

Appointment Bookings: When a Client schedules an appointment via Elzo, the booking is made directly with a Vet. Elzo serves as an intermediary in such transactions and doesn't provide medical advice or pharmaceutical services. Clients pay an appointment fee determined by the Vet and a separate service fee to Elzo for facilitating the appointment, covering costs like technical support, payment processing, platform utilization, and maintenance.

Service Fee: The service fee charged by Elzo is distinct from the appointment fee charged by the Vet or any pharmacy dispensing fee charged by our third-party provider for the provision of pharmaceutical services.

Payment Processing: All transactions are carried out via our third-party payment processor. By agreeing to these Terms or continuing to use your account on the Site, you consent to abide by the agreements of our third-party payment processor, which can be subject to changes. To enable payment processing services, you commit to providing Elzo with accurate and comprehensive information about yourself and allow Elzo to share this information and transaction details associated with the use of the payment processing services provided.

Client Responsibility: Clients are accountable for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with Elzo's Services promptly using a valid payment method. If a payment is unsuccessful or overdue, we may resort to various collection mechanisms, including charging other payment methods on file, hiring collection agencies, and seeking legal advice.

Currency Exchange and Transaction Fees: If applicable, currency exchange rates and transaction fees are determined solely by the banking institution or agency processing the transaction. The card issuer may apply these fees as a separate charge on the cardholder's account. Consequently, the total sum shown on your credit or debit card statement might differ from the amount displayed on the billing summary page for a consultation booked on the Site. If you have any queries regarding these fees or any applied exchange rate, you should reach out to your bank or card issuer.

Client Refund Policy

Non-Refundable Fees: Both the consultation fees for Vets and Elzo's associated Service Fee are non-refundable except in specific circumstances, which Elzo will determine at its sole discretion. These circumstances include the non-attendance of a Vet for a scheduled consultation call.

Refund Requests: If a Client believes they are entitled to a refund, or if a refund is requested but not processed, Clients must use the "Contact Us" form on the Site to submit a refund request. If Elzo identifies that the refund request aligns with the above-mentioned conditions, the refund will be processed within ten (10) business days. Elzo's decision regarding refunds is final and binding.

Subscription Fee Refunds: Any refund requests for subscription fees related to Subscription Plans will be managed according to the terms and conditions specific to those plans.

Client Responsibility for Pet Insurance

Insurance Protection: Elzo does not offer insurance coverage for any virtual veterinary care services, pharmaceutical services, or other services availed in connection with the Services.

Client Responsibility: It is the sole responsibility of Clients to secure pet insurance coverage adequate to safeguard their Pet.

Extra terms for vets

In addition to being bound by the terms and conditions set forth above in Part A, Vets who post listings on the Site are also bound by the following terms and conditions.

Vet Accountability for Professional Adherence and Compliance with Legislation

Vet Compliance with Laws: Vets are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing virtual veterinary care and the conduct of their veterinary practice. This includes adherence to data privacy laws, licensing requirements, and any other relevant regulations.

Limitations and Jurisdiction: Vets using the Services must be aware of the limitations and restrictions associated with teletriage, telehealth, telemedicine, and online care based on the jurisdiction in which they are licensed. Elzo does not interpret local legislation or provide guidance on this matter. Vets must ensure they understand and adhere to their licensing permissions.

Use of Personal Information: You are granted a license to use other users' personal information obtained through the Site for specific purposes, such as Site-related communications, using offered services, or facilitating financial transactions related to the Site's purpose. Any other use requires express permission from the user, and you may not use such information unlawfully.

Protection of Personal Information: You must give users the opportunity to remove their information from your records and review the data collected about them. Except as defined in this provision, you cannot disclose personal information about another user to any third party without their consent. You must protect other users' personal information with the same care as your own confidential information.

Prohibition on Spam: Spam or unsolicited commercial electronic communications of any kind are not allowed on the Site. You are not licensed to add a Site user to your mailing list without their express consent, even if they have used your veterinary services or vice versa. Using any tool or service on the Site to send spam or unsolicited commercial communications violates these Terms.

Vet Eligibility & Listing Practice Necessities

The acceptance of any Vet listing on the Elzo platform is solely at Elzo's discretion. Eligibility: To list services on the Site, each Vet must:

1. Hold a valid veterinary medicine license issued by the regulatory authority of their state/province/territory.

2. Have no outstanding investigations or complaints of professional negligence or misconduct.

3. Ensure that their teletriage, telehealth, telemedicine, and online care practice complies with the legal statutes of their licensed jurisdiction.

4. Adhere to all applicable medical, professional, and ethical standards while providing services via the Site.

5. Use professional judgment to determine the appropriateness of teletriage, telehealth, telemedicine, or online care for each circumstance, including the need for physical examinations.

6. Comply with veterinarian teletriage, telehealth, telemedicine, and online care requirements issued by their veterinary regulatory authority and/or veterinary medical association.

7. Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the veterinary-client-patient relationship.

8. Listing Practice Requirements: Vets must meet Elzo's requirements, which include:

a. Submitting valid veterinarian license information and, if applicable, veterinary clinic details to complete their Account.

b. Being licensed and in good standing to use the Services.

c. Responding to consultation booking requests from Clients within 30 minutes of receipt.

d. Engaging and accepting a material number of inquiries and booking requests to prioritize the Client experience.

e. Avoiding cancellation of a material number of accepted consultation bookings.

Vet Responsibility for Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance: Vets acknowledge that they must have or acquire the suitable professional liability insurance coverage and maintain sufficient insurance while listing their services on the Site. Vets agree to furnish Elzo with relevant proof of coverage upon request.

Client Transactions

Elzo will act as the merchant of record for all transactions between Vets and Clients. Payments will be remitted to Vets as outlined in Client Consultation Dispensing Fees. Vets are not allowed to request or accept direct payments from Clients for services rendered via the Site. Violation of this term may lead to the prompt removal of the non-compliant listing from the Site without prior notice to the Vet.

Appearance of Listings in Search Results

Search Results Order: We cannot guarantee a specific order for a Vet's listing in search results on the Site. The order may vary due to factors such as search parameters, listing quality, Client preferences, Vet response time, online booking acceptance rate, compliance with listing practice requirements, and other user experience considerations ("Best Match"). The appearance and order of listings may also differ based on individual Client search criteria. We reserve the right to employ different search algorithms or methods to optimize Best Match results for specific Client requests. Search results may differ between the Elzo App and our website. To enhance the search experience, we may conduct occasional limited-duration tests that could impact how listings and search results are displayed.

Content, Layout, and Copy

Listing Accuracy and Content: Vets are solely responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date listings on the Site. This includes representations about their practice, services offered, office locations, and pricing. Vets must ensure the accuracy of any geographic information and promptly correct any inaccuracies (or inform us to correct them).

Content Approval and Editing: All content and edits submitted by Vets for posting on the Site will be subject to review and approval by Elzo at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any content that does not comply with these Terms or is deemed unacceptable by us. However, we are not obligated to review all content. Elzo shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from content design, positioning, or changes made by any Vet.

Vets must ensure that their content complies with these Terms, and we may perform non-substantive edits to ensure compliance with our quality and formatting guidelines. Vets are responsible for reviewing and verifying that their displayed content appears as intended on the Site.


Photo and Content Guidelines: Your listing and any content, including photographs, must not include images of children or adults without their legal consent, and it must not violate the privacy or intellectual property rights of any third party. We reserve the right to not display or remove any photographs that do not meet these Terms or are deemed unacceptable by us.

Vet's Representations and Warranties: By submitting a photograph, the Vet represents and warrants that they own all intellectual property rights in the photograph, have obtained consent from any people depicted in the photograph for its display on the Site, and that the photograph accurately represents the subject without misleading alterations. The Vet agrees to indemnify and hold Elzo harmless from any legal action arising from misrepresentations or copyright claims related to submitted photographs.

Obtaining Permissions: It is the Vet's responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions to use, post, and grant the rights to the material used in their listing. The Vet must either own the copyright to the material or have the authorization from the copyright owner to grant us the necessary rights for reproduction, publication, and promotion on the Site and in connection with the Services. We reserve the right to request proof of these rights from the Vet.

Promotional Use: The Vet agrees that we may use, reproduce, and promote any photographic or other material they supply to us for the promotion of their listing or the Site, as outlined in the Terms Of Use.

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & Promotion: For the purpose of marketing and promoting the Services, including Vets' listings, Elzo, and its authorized service providers and agents, can promote, publicize, and advertise your listing, in whole or in part, using various media, present or future. Elzo will ensure that any copyright or trademark notices included in such materials are not removed. Additionally, Elzo may promote any reviews and star-ratings of Vets posted by Clients through various means and media.

Affiliates and Strategic Third-Parties: Elzo reserves the right to expand its marketing efforts with affiliate and strategic third-party partners. This may include promoting Elzo services, Vets' listings, profiles, photos, services, availability, pricing, and biographical information. However, at no time will Elzo imply a direct relationship between the individual Vet and any third-party without obtaining the Vet's prior consent.

Termination of Listings; Other Remedies

Vet Listing Restrictions and Termination: We have the sole discretion to take action if we find that a Vet has submitted unsuitable material, violated applicable laws, created a nuisance in the community, misused the Site, or breached these Terms. In such cases, we may limit the Vet's use of the Site, affect the Vet's listing search position, or terminate the Vet's listing without prior notice.

Complaints and Immediate Termination: If we receive complaints about a Vet's listing or services that warrant immediate removal, we may terminate the Vet's listing(s) without notice. We are not obligated to investigate complaints. Additionally, if a Vet is abusive or offensive to any Elzo employee or representative, we may terminate their listing(s) immediately.

Site Misuse Response: We reserve the right to respond to any violation of the Terms or Site misuse, which may include hiding a listing from search results, marking a Vet as "out of office," or removing/changing false or misleading information at our discretion.

Content Removal: After termination or expiration of a listing, user-contributed content displayed in the listing will not be retained or displayed on the Site.